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Black Latina is the story of being a Black Latina in the U.S. Whether born with dark skin or indeed African American and Hispanic, Black Latina is the journey of one’s struggle to identify with both cultures. Tackling both external factors (such as society and media) to internal factors (like the viewpoints of family and friends) Black Latina gives a first hand look inside the emotions held by a group of people who are constantly ignored.

In its original run Black Latina debuted as a one woman show at the 2010 One Festival located at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center. In mid 2011 an alternate version was developed to include an all female ensemble cast. The five cast members each worked to personify emotions one confronts in the face of adversity: Anger, Sadness, Love, and Empowerment. In anticipation of the 2018 season, the show has now been restructured to feature a three woman cast and includes our newest monologue: Fear. The characters deliver a testimony that further justifies their assigned emotion and offers varying views, ideas, and experiences while simultaneously sharing the common bond of being a Black Latina.

The characters bridge the gap between all Black Latinas from skin color and hair textures, to facial features and backgrounds. Black Latina not only deals with the "traditional" black/white ideas of racism within the U.S., but also exposes complex internalized racism between African Americans, Hispanics, and Black Latinos.

The five emotions deal with the personal and thought provoking testimony of both the plight and appreciations of being a Black Latina. The climactic arc resolves the story (from Anger to Empowerment) showing all sides of a multifaceted spectrum. From denouncing oneself and “fitting in” to embracing the beauty and pride of “being Black”, Black Latina lets the world know exactly who we are.

Black Latina The Play has been featured at the following institutions of higher learning:

2013 - Hamilton College

2014 - Penn State University & Community College of Baltimore County-Essex

2015 - Lehigh University

2016 - Smithsonian Institute

2017 - University of Southern California, Eastern New Mexico University & Columbia Chicago college

2018- Saint Paul college

*Black Latina is a trilingual production (presented in English, Spanish and Portuguese).