To produce, distribute, and promote content for the advancement of African and Latino cultures.


The Black Latina Movement is a vibrant grassroots theater and film production company based in New York City. Alongside creating and producing our own works, the Movement’s priority endeavor is to make the entertainment industry culturally and artistically richer by showcasing the talents of men and women in the arts. This open platform provides artist of all kinds the opportunity to create, write, produce or perform while promoting our local communities as diverse, inclusive places where people want to live, work, and visit.


Crystal Shaniece Roman
Content Creator

Writer/Producer/ Director/Actress

1. I despise clowns.

2. My favorite gifts to receive are socks and writing books.

3. I drink at least 2 cups of tea a day and collect tea from around the world.


Takema Jones                               Editor/PRoducer

1. I complete both a Lord of the Rings and a Star Wars movie marathon at least once per season.

2. I can write backwards (mirror image) in cursive.

3. I am a low-key hoarder. I used to collect rocks, buttons, pencils, etc as a kid. Now I have a collection of books (over 600) and graphic t-shirts (over 50).


Shirley Reyes
Managing Director/Producer

1. I equally love cheesy 80's/90's movies and gangster rap.

2.  I often impose challenges on myself for absolutely no reason at all (i.e. 22 day vegan challenge, 30 days of no music, etc.) and then get mad that I'm depriving myself of whatever it is.

3. I always drink hot coffee through a straw.