Derived from the American classic Of Mice and Men, Of Mothers and Men explores the varying relationships between women, their mothers, and the men in their lives. This monologue driven piece (comprised of nine vignettes) dives into the pivotal roles of two of the most influential people in one’s life.

Under the watchful eye of the audience, each of the nine monologue's narrators unravel the joy and the pain they encounter within their respective relationships. Viewed individually, the audience experiences each woman's intimate testimony but woven together these testimonies also work to illuminate staunch contrasts found in each of these relationships. A heartbroken woman jilted at the alter vs. a faithful and nurturing relationship, a mother's selfish drive for personal gain vs. a supportive and endearing mother/daughter relationship, and the fear of unwanted pregnancy vs. the fear of impending motherhood both contrast against the dedication and confidence of an experienced mother.

The cast is made up of an array of multicultural women discussing various topics prevalent to women. Included in the cast is the writer/director/Founder of The Black Latina Movement, Crystal Shaniece Roman. Ms. Roman wrote the piece as a tribute to the many paths these intricate relationships often take. Instead of holding steadfast to the typical tropes of romance, beauty, and the ideal family, Ms. Roman uses topics like sexual molestation, abortion, and self advancement as vehicles to discuss and define these relationships. The results provides the viewer with an atypical and mutlilayered approach to defining social activism and feminism.